How to Play?

The game mechanics of LucyZH

First of all, in the bigger picture, teams walk or drive in public transportation around Zurich, visiting as many places as they can in the time span of an afternoon (macro mechanics). Each team is equipped with a simcard-carrying iPad. The players can pick up a virtual card as soon as they are physically close to a certain spot.

Micro Mechanics

On a more detailed level, there are other ways to grab points than just rushing to places. The 100 possible places are each grouped into 4 of the same group - therefore forming 25 groups, or quartetts (a popular card game in Switzerland). If you fulfill one quartett, you get 20 extra points! Which is a lot :)

In Lucy ZH, you find a lot of different categories, such as "places of worship", "urban treasures", bars, music venues, parcs and many more.

You can either be very lucky and pick them up by chance, or you can also switch into a more cooperative game mode and start trading cards with opponent teams.

When you physically encounter another group, the "trade function" becomes available and you can send each other cards from your collection. Therefore, your team gets to choose if they want to engage in a more competitive or cooperative game play.