The Game Project

What is LucyZH about?

LucyZH is a project of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK, It's been developed for the International Office by Master students & staff of the Game Design Specialization (

Its aim is to welcome new international students that just arrived to Zurich, Switzerland for their studies. The game shall give an insight into the city and culture of Zurich and Switzerland, and it also encourages interaction and socializing between the new students and staff of the ZHdK.

Runnings & Spin Offs

The game has been running regularly twice a year since the fall of 2015. In addition, a smaller version has been running in the winter of 2015, on the occasion of "Soirée Surprise", a social evening event series by the ZHdK. Also, to lead up to a Swiss conference on symbol research in September 2016, a custom-tailored version is currently being designed.